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Preparation for Health Check 健康檢查準備事項


Blood Test 血液化驗

  • For blood testing involving blood glucose or triglycerides, clients are required to fast (No consumption of food or beverage) for at least 8 hours before blood draw, to optimize the accuracy of the test results. While you are fasting, you are allowed to drink water and you should take your usual medications if required (if applicable).
  • 為確保化驗結果準確,如需檢驗血糖或三酸甘油脂,客人需於抽血前空腹 (請勿飲食) 最少8小時。空腹期間可飲用適量清水,仍可照常服用所有醫生處方的藥物 (如適用)。


Urine and Stool Test 小便及大便化驗

  • Please bring along stool specimen (if applicable) to the clinic for laboratory test on the day of health check. Specimen collection container can be obtained from our medical centre.
  • 請客人於驗身當日帶同大便樣本 (如適用) 到醫療中心,樣本收集容器可於醫療中心索取。
  • Please use the specimen collection container provided by our medical centre to collect sample. Please avoid contamination by urine or toilet flushing water.
  • 請使用本醫療中心提供的樣本收集容器盛載樣本,於收集時請避免樣本受沖廁水污染。
  • Only collect mid-stream urine specimen (Do not collect the first and the last part of urine)
  • 只需留取中段小便 (不要前、後段的小便)。
  • Please collect and submit stool / urine specimen after menstrual period.
  • 大便及小便樣本請於月經週期後收集及提交。
  • Stool specimens should not be collected if there is bleeding hemorrhoid or during menstrual period.
  • 如遇痔瘡出血或月經週期,則暫不適宜收集大便樣本作隱血測試。


Cervical Smear子宮頸細胞檢驗 (Pap Smear柏氏抹片)

  • Pap Smear should be performed 4 to 10 days after menstrual period
  • 女士若遇月經週期,請於月經週期完結後4 至10天再安排柏氏子宮抹片檢查。
  • Two days before the test, you should avoid vaginal douching, use of spermicide, vaginal medicines and sexual intercourse.
  • 在測試前48小時內,避免灌洗陰道、使用殺精藥、陰道塞藥和性交。


Ultrasound Examination 超聲波檢查

  • Fasting (No consumption of food or beverage) for 6 hours prior to ultrasound of upper abdomen examination. While you are fasting, you are allowed to drink water and you should take your usual medications if required (if applicable).
  • 如需進行上腹部超聲波檢查,請於檢查前空腹 (請勿飲食) 最少6小時。空腹期間可飲用適量清水,仍可照常服用所有醫生處方的藥物 (如適用)。
  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothing for ultrasound examination.
  • 請穿舒適及寬鬆衣服,以便進行超聲波檢查。


Treadmill (Exercise ECG ) 運動心電圖

  • Please wear or bring along comfortable exercise clothing and shoes.
  • 請穿著或帶備舒適運動服,以便進行運動心電圖檢查。
  • Refrain from consuming a heavy meal before undergoing this test.
  • 檢查前請勿過量進食。
  • Do not apply body cream or lotion before the test.
  • 檢查前請勿塗抹任何潤膚露或乳液。


Others 其他

  • Please inform our staff before the examination if you think you may be pregnant.
  • 客人如懷疑自己已懷孕,請務必在檢查前通知本中心職員。
  • If you have performed any diagnostic examination, please bring along the report to the clinic for references and comparison.
  • 如客戶於近期曾進行任何醫學檢查,請於驗身當日帶同檢查報告以作參考及比較。
  • Please bring along all the medicines you take for record.
  • 敬請攜帶所需服用之藥物以作記錄。





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